Word puzzles with Sunday morning vibes.

Game Description
Grab words from a list and cross them with words on the board. Puzzle your way towards a Finish Tile, put down enough words, or put down as many words as you can!

In this game, you’ll find:
• Infinite unique puzzles, generated by an intelligent algorithm.
• Challenges, to let you try different play styles.
• Daily, Weekly and Monthly Puzzles, where you put down as many words as you can!
• Numbered Puzzles, a sequence of slightly harder puzzles. On top of that, you’ll also find:
• Cute little characters who walk around in your puzzles doing absolutely nothing.
• Leaderboards for Daily, Weekly and Monthly Puzzles, for when you feel competitive.
• Make Your Own Puzzle, where you get to pick the type of puzzle, the theme, and the optional variation.
• Play with controllers compatible with your device.

wurdweb can generate puzzles in the following languages:
• Dutch
• English (U.K.)
• English (U.S.)
• French (Canada)
• French (France)
• German
• Italian
• Portuguese (Brazil)
• Russian
• Spanish (Latin America)
• Turkish
• Swedish
• Polish

On top of the languages above, the interface (but not the puzzles!) is also available in the following languages:
• Japanese
• Arabic
• Chinese (Simplified)
• Chinese (Traditional)
• Korean

wurdweb is designed by Aran Koning and Adriaan de Jongh, two game designers and friends from the Netherlands.

Studio: Aran & Adriaan
Release date: August 13, 2021
Platform: iOS, macOS, tvOS
Website: wurdweb.com

Entry for: Best Audio, Best Technology, Best Game Design

Nominated for: Best Technology

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