What's Missing?

What's Missing? is a first-person, surreal puzzle game where you spot the differences between repeating identical rooms. Explore the limits of changes as it goes beyond just physical objects. Follow Gregory's journey to escape this magical loop and unveil the mystery of his dark past...

Game Description
What’s Missing? is a first-person surreal puzzle game where you’ll explore the never-ending loop of (almost) identical rooms. Spot the differences in order to escape this infinite magical loop of rooms. Challenge yourself with a fast ray of unique levels that makes you to think “outside the box”, as besides physical objects, other abstract aspects might change as well like gravity, color, time etc. Explore these levels in different area’s from a magical panetarium to the floating garden. Follow Gregory’s journey to escape this magical loop. But in order to escape, he must confront his dark past.

Team: Team: MIG Studios Programmer: Nathan Nieuwenhuizen Character Artist: Kai Calis Lead Artist: Joyce van der Zon
School: HKU
Release date: December 2022 (Alpha release available)
Platform: PC (windows)
Website: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2009500/Whats_Missing/

Entry for: Best Student Game

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