VetVeilig (Super Safe) is an online game platform that playfully enables grade schools to empower children to become more resilient and safety conscious in hazardous situations.

Game Description 
Super Safe (Vet Veilig in Dutch) is a game platform targeted at children aged 11 to 12. The platform enables grade schools to empower children in hazardous situations by making them more resilient.

The game teaches children how to react and respond in case of a calamity, prevent the situation from getting worse and what actions and measures they can take to prevent the calamity from happening in the first place. After playing, the children will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to make their own environment safer and to act in case something does happen. The game is scenario based and played both in a classroom setting (COVID-19 proof) and individually.

The first scenario deals with the occurrence of an electrical fire in a living environment. Currently, a second scenario is in development which focuses on performing first-aid during an emergency (in this setting an accident) and teaches the children how to communicate with emergency services. We are also generating sponsorship for additional safety related scenarios.

The game addresses to two governmental core learning goals for upper primary school students: Physical and mental health. Self-reliance behavior from a social perspective. The game raises the overall safety awareness of children by teaching them how to act in case of an emergency and how to prevent situations from occurring. After playing the game they know: How to prevent hazardous situations by being aware of their environment. How to act in case of an emergency and prevent the situation from getting worse. The game follows the bow-tie model, a risk evaluation method that can be used to analyse and demonstrate causal relationships in high risk scenarios.

We use a central event to stage the story. In this case, an incorrectly charged laptop that catches fire. Around this event we focus on both the mitigation(acting the right way in an emergency to prevent the situation from getting worse) and the prevention (preventing the event from occurring in the first place). On a classroom smartboard we follow a family that is startled by the fire. The class collectively makes on the spot decisions on what the appropriate actions are to prevent the situation from escalating and to prevent further accidents. Doing so, they get contextual feedback on the quality of their choices. Once the family is safe, they travel back in time to the moment before the fire occurred.

In a point-and-click adventure the children can individually or in groups of two, roam the family’s house and try to prevent the fire in its entirety by removing risks and improving the situation. If this is done correctly, the fire is prevented and the family is saved.

The game is a free to play browser based HTML5 game and can be played in all modern browsers. The game is developed in Dutch only. A translation play guide can be found here. There is also a trailer with English subtitles available,, and a teachers guide (Dutch only, not provided).

Studio: &ranj
Release date: 4 November, 2020
Platform: Web browser

Entry for: Best Applied Game

Trailer & gallery

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