A 3D platformer game for Windows about a magical soul carrier who has to collect scattered pieces of their soul in the afterlife and heal the world.

Game Description
Play as a mysterious, magical character, helping souls to pass on to the afterlife by collecting scattered pieces of their soul. Explore an oneiric limbo world and face challenges to complete your mission and unravel the secrets and mourning of the lost souls.

Team: Katelin Van Lissum, Luca Yavuzok, Luciano van Waas, Matteo Ugrote, Melina Martinez Tabares, Radu Nenu, Rico Visscher, Sebastiaan van der Kruijs, Sven Leitsch, Alessia Kemner, Anne Teunissen, Dani Spaargaren, Jordy de Waal, Mika Goddrie, Nathalie Stuit, Olivier Dral, Renee Rozemeijer, Vassil Mihaylov, Cas Trines, Nicolo Conte, Tom van het Ende
School: BUas – Breda University of Applied Sciences
Release date: 27-06-2022
Platform: PC

Entry for: Best Student Game

Trailer & gallery

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