Touzani Ballie

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Game Description 
Touzani Ballie combines old-skool street football with gaming. The game connects to the specially developed Ballie-ball and keeps track of your movement during practicing. Create your own personal avatar, choose one of the skills and start playing.

The game is based on the world of Touzani. Using short explanation video’s he explains how to improve a specific football skill. After the explanation it is your turn to try. Confident that your score is difficult to beat? Share your video with your friends and challenge them to beat your high score. If you have it in you, you can challenge Touzani and be the next King or Queen of Ballie.

Touzani Ballie sold out within a month. We receive video’s of Ballie-players all around Netherlands and Belgium. Players ages are 7-12 years, but extremely impressive how skilled some of these kids are. Finally winning the World Cup in 2030 should be doable for the Dutch national team 🙂

Studio: Hulan
Release date: 19-2-2021
Platform: Mobile (iOS and Android)

Entry for: Best Technology, Best Innovation, Best Commercial Achievement, Best Applied Game

Nominated for: Best Technology, Best Innovation, Best Commercial Achievement

Trailer & gallery

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