The Story Game

The Story Game is the first step from the playground to the living room for social-emotional skills development for children, parents, and teachers.

Game Description
The Story (Maker) Game for the Yalp Memo Interactive play pillars is the first playful step from the playground into the living room towards social-emotional skills development for children, parents, and teachers. Aimed at children aged 3-6 on the Yalp Memo Interactive play pillars. It lets children create their own short stories and reflect and learn from these stories. These stories revolve around themes and situations close to children’s experiences and situations. The game can be played alone or with a family, in larger groups, and school classes.

“It was late at night at the playground when grandma found a coin in the street, and then a car passed. That was scary.” With the help of Sem (Social Emotional Mentor), they can select different parts of the story by selecting one of three randomly selected icons on every pillar. Every pillar stands for a single topic: location, time, person, object, action, activity, and emotion. When the players select one of these story pieces, a car, for example, the storyteller will announce their choice with a clue (“car”) of what the players can expect during the story. This single word will transform into a more significant sentence during the story.

The players will need to move between the different pillars to select the story pieces. The physical activity makes the story game educational and a healthy exercise. Sem is their guide, subject, and storyteller and gives players a safe person to identify with while making these stories. After every story, Sem will ask the players about their experiences, emotions, and how they would respond. Players can then take this fun story home and create a fun starting point for parents and guardians to talk about emotions in a fun and safe way.

Technical Description
With the Yalp Memo Interactive play pillars, Yalp blends the physical outdoors with the game world. The Yalp Memo Interactive play pillars are more than just fun. The combination of sports, games, and education makes this play equipment unique. It offers different types of games at different levels of play, like math, language, or history.

Yalp constantly develops new games, releases new software updates, and adds new functionality to the online My Yalp portal. The Yalp Memo Interactive play pillars consist of seven pillars, including one central pillar. The pillars are positioned far enough to stimulate players to move. All pillars have 360° touchscreens and contain sensors and thousands of colored LEDs. The use of a polycarbonate shell makes the unit vandal-proof. The product owner can monitor play statistics and change playtimes and volume through the My Yalp portal from any mobile device.

The Yalp Memo has been available in 25+ countries to players for ten years.

Studio: Yalp Interactive
Release date: 09-07-2021
Platform: Yalp Memo Interactive play pillars

Entry for: Best Applied Game, Best Innovation, Best Technology

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