Super Circus Fruit Show

Play as a Papaya Mime trying to escape from the evil circus!

Game Description
Super Circus Fruit Show is a chaotic fun platformer about a little Papaya mime trying to escape from the Circus. All the circus performers have been turned into fruits by the evil ringmaster and are forced through gauntlets to entertain the crowd. Tilt the level and make the performers struggle. Experience wacky physics, tumbling through obstacle courses with variable hazards in order to get the highest score!

Team: Team 8 Emanuele Ardolino Maksim Blagoev Sophie Dapperens Ozan Somak Sebastiano Zezza Tsanko Hristov Wouter Hunter Jitse ten Hove Luc van Dijk Kai Derzbach Lisette van den Dolder Maze Pressler Martien Rurenga Emil Voychev
School: BUas – Breda University of Applied Sciences
Release date: 01/07/2022 (first release on itch 06/06/2022)
Platform: PC

Entry for: Best Student Game

Trailer & gallery

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