An eerie, story-driven 3D puzzle game featuring the deities and values of diverse folklores that explores the self-destructive nature of obsession.

Game Description
In a cold, desolate forest where one’s sight is as good as a blind man’s, phenomena are far from ordinary. After that fire devoured what you called home and whatever you thought you held dear, you were left with nothing. Your beloved Sacred is the only place of comfort that must not leave your side. As you venture deeper into the dark woods in hopes of saving your light, you experience otherworldly encounters with divine deities and their questionable intentions. Has your faith in these gods faltered upon encountering them? To what end are you willing to risk our life for the Sacred? How long until the shadows fully devour you?

Team: [REDACTED] Games – Igor Kovacevic Lex Fezler Malia Badziukh Antonio Ercolani Marijn Blank Fabian Lauer
School: Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Release date: June 29th, 2022 (Beta Released)
Platform: PC

Entry for: Best Student Game

Trailer & gallery

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