Embodied learning made easy

Game Description
With Springloop, we make education fun and active! Springloop uses 15 “tags” (or: stations) which can be scanned with a tablet/smartphone. The 15 tags are spread across a room or preferably a schoolyard and are the stations that the children will be running to (and from). The tags are scanned using image recognition and will provide the children with questions or answers in the game. This way, the content that they are learning is spread across the room/schoolyard and they need to be physically active to learn!

We use in-game gamification in the form of a narrative. The narrative is either a liniear mission based narrative (for younger children) or a resource gather narrative for the older children. This gets them to be really involved in the game and thereby in their own learning process. Who said learning couldn’t be active or fun? Springloop does both and makes this really easy for the teacher to do as it has little to no preparation. The lessons (games) are prefab and all you need to do as a teacher is select the game and give the tablet to the children.

Studio: Springlab Learning B.V.
Release date: Beta release april 2022. Full version release in september 2022
Platform: Android and ios
Website: springlab.nl/basisschool-springloop/

Entry for: Best Applied Game, Best Innovation, Best Game Design

Nominated for: Best Applied Game

Trailer & gallery

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