Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks is a Multiplayer, play-to-earn, PvP Brawler in which two teams battle it out in one of many arenas. Do you have what it takes to pilot your own tank?

Game Description
Spider Tanks has high quality gameplay and high skill ceilings and shows that crypto games can be more than just a gamified stock market. Players have to pick the right strategy and adapt to come out on top. Players can choose between a number of Tanks, Bodies and Weapons in the garage, customizing their experience. Incorporating both free-to-play and play-to-earn mechanics, players can own and earn from their in-game assets!

The gameplay is backed by constant technical and economical improvements. Our multiplayer real time authoritative server is working day and night to ensure that the gameplay and soon the complex economic system keep running all over the world.

At GAMEDIA, a team of highly experienced professionals combines their knowledge and experience of gaming to experiment with the technology at hand. We always put player experience first and thus have seen many happy faces.

For Spider Tanks we are working together with Gala Games. Since then, we increased the reach and impact of Spider Tanks all over the world. We are now reducing our impact on climate change by planting one tree for each in-store NFT purchase made. Additionally, Gala Games brought Spider Tanks to Seoul, Dubai, and Las Vegas for eSports events and elaborate shows with performances of artists such as Snoop Dogg. Will you join Snoop and come “rollin’ round in your Spider Tank?”

Release date: 16 september 2021 Beta version, official launch Q4 2022
Platform: Windows (soon to be MacOS)
Website: spidertanks.game/

Entry for: Best Innovation, Best Technology

Trailer & gallery

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