Sparky, helps children breathe again!

Game Description 
The game “Sparky, Learn through gaming” started its development in 2019 to teach young children with lung disease during a 6-week training how to successfully complete an LFT (lung function test).

With the help and guidance of lung physicians and hospitals, we have created a successful game. Using a tablet and spirometer, the patient blows during play into the spirometer which registers lung data. We used specific training methods created by specialists and converted this to gameplay.

The Sparky dashboard showing the patient data generated in-game enables doctors to diagnose and give better treatment for all kinds of lung-related diseases like asthma. The game was developed for young children aged 3 to 6. This target audience has been hard to treat because of the lack of lung function data because small kids are unable to take these tests (LFT),… UNTIL NOW.

The game is currently being used in multiple hospitals and is very successful. With our newest addition (update), it becomes possible to play the game after the 6 weeks of learning the LFT, generating valuable lung data which is saved in the Sparky database. Physicians can view the trend data and control the settings via the online Sparky dashboard. Enabling a remote treatment trajectory.

The Sparky game With Sparky you control a pet animal that comes to live and it has to be fed, played with, washed and go to bed in time. During a cycle (play session) the player can go to a number of rooms in and around the house. The bathroom, kitchen, dining room , garden and bedroom. In each room there are a number of things the player can do.

1) Play one of the 4 lung games (spirometer is required for these games) The player has to visit and play the games in each of the rooms. Each lung game represents one of the training methods required for learning an LFT (breathing in, breathing out, deep breathing, and forced exhalation breathing). The results when each game has been played affects the Sparky character, For instance after playing the pizza game, Sparky will be less hungry. When all bars are full Sparky is tired and needs to sleep. Going to bed results in the daily endscreen/rewards, and will put up a timer when the player can start the next training cycle.

2) Search for pieces of a treasure map. During a play session 4 treasure map pieces can be found in the rooms, These are hidden in interactable objects. This unlocks a treasure with a reward. (this is not yet available in the build)

3) Play micro games. Interactable objects in the room that provide gameplay. Examples are playing with the ball in the bedroom, Drawing on a fogged-up mirror in the bathroom etc.(this is not yet available in the build)

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Studio: Niel Vredeveldt
Release date: April 2021
Platform: Android

Entry for: Best Innovation, Best Technology, Best Game Design, Best Applied Game

Nominated for: Best Applied Game

Winner: Best Applied Game

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