Round Boys

The Round Boys lost their nest, and they need a new one! Take control of one of the Round Boys together with a friend and race and roll as different shapes to clear the course.

Game Description
In ‘Round Boys’, two players control a single simple shaped bird known as a ‘Round Boy’ and attempt to roll down a course to get to the endgoal – a new nest. They race against other teams and the first team to reach the end goal wins. On the course, the players may encounter various obstacles, such as buttons which change their shape, snails which block the player from moving, bouncing mushrooms and exploding pomegranates, as well as trees which place ‘Mini Round Boys’ in the game: Smaller, AI-controlled versions of the player, which wreak havoc on the course for all players.

Since the game is originally made with Switch in mind, it plays best with Joy-Cons. Instead of using Joy-Cons, a gamepad controller to play can still be used to play, where two players each take one joystick and a shoulder button to play.

Team: S.O.F.T.
School: HKU
Release date: Unofficial release date: June 27th 2022. Official release date T.B.A.
Platform: It is created with the Nintendo Switch in mind, but was prototyped for PC.

Entry for: Best Student Game

Trailer & gallery

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