Reach: SOS

Reach: SOS is a point-and-click puzzle adventure game where players take on the role of Shadow, a deeply lonely and isolated outpost worker that starts receiving cryptic messages.

Game Description 

Reach:SOS takes you on a journey across mysterious communication outposts. One is guarded by the player and evidence of previous outpost workers can be found on other islands. In between individual levels and challenges, players get to discover who the mysterious Other is that is sending messages to Shadow and what their past together looked like.

Reach uses a classic point-and-click gameplay control scheme combined with more out-of-the-box platformer puzzle elements. Players tilt their phone to move larger objects that cannot be picked up. Next to that players get to interact directly with levers, buttons, morse code machines and other interfaces within the game.

A game inspired by communication and isolation – caring for relationships when you cannot seem to communicate well with one another – the game offers a silent refuge from the turbulent world around us. Reach: SOS aims to have players reflect on their own personal friendships and relationships through it’s meticulously crafted surreal world, hand-drawn animations & refined puzzles based on various communication methods.


Studio: Studio Reach
School: Hogeschool Rotterdam
Release date: 8 October 2020
Platform: Android & iOS

Entry for: Best Game, Best Debut Game, Best Art, Best Game Design, Best Student Game

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