Porcelain Tales

Collect, run and be a pain in the porcelain

Game Description
Porcelain Tales is a 3D platform, puzzle strategy game. Where you become a tiny garden gnome, brought to life by a generous witch in order to help her collect the things she desires most. Made of porcelain you have to be careful while exploring the world of the witch’s B&B. You have the ability to hide in narrow crannies and sneak around as quiet as a mouse. In addition, you can carry objects six times your size. During your adventure through the B&B you will encounter many obstacles to overcome and various objects to collect. Your way home won’t be easy to find, as you wander through the maze of the B&B.

Team: Oohoo Studio
School: Hogeschool Rotterdam
Release date: 4 feb 2022
Platform: PC (Steam)
Website: https://project.cmi.hr.nl/2021_2022/game_oohoo/

Entry for: Best Student Game

Trailer & gallery

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