Springlab's Kleuterpakket helps to make learning engaging and physically active for elementary school children.

Game Description 
Springlab launched the new version of their Beweegvloer platform for elementary school children: Het Kleuterpakket.

This release consists of three games and counts over thirty embodied learning lessons. Kids get to join Skip on adventures across three different worlds; a language-world where children help Wolter Wobbel to make sense of letters and words; a calculus-world where children help Grandma Wobbel to bake and count the right number of cookies; and color-world where the children use real world objects to help Wobbels gain back their color which was stolen by the Colorbeast.

All games are based on learning goals set in the Dutch educational guidelines (SLO) and can be played throughout the school year to increase physical activity and make learning a more engaging and fun experience!

Studio: Springlab
Release date: June 24 2020
Platform: Own Platform > Beweegvloer (see website for more information)

Entry for: Best Applied Game, Best Technology

Nominated for: Best Technology

Trailer & gallery

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