Missie Master

Mission Master: complete al spy missions in your neighborhood! Exercise game for children throughout the Netherlands.

Game Description 
Missie Master aims to motivate children to play and exercise more in their own neighborhood using GPS-missions and combining ‘offline’ playing with ‘online’ game mechanics. The game was developed in close co-creation with kids aged 8 to 12 years old, giving them a say in the ‘spy-story’ and the artwork used, as to really connect with their wishes.

With the Mission Master app, children don’t feel like they are forced to do boring gymnastics. They simply go on a quest with their favorite spy! Each mission involves being active and learning about a healthy lifestyle. There are nice rewards in return, like gadgets and outfits for your own avatar. This way, exercising enough becomes something that happens effortlessly. And this is much needed, as 46% of children up to the age of 11 in The Netherlands do not currently meet the national exercise guidelines.

This year the game was re-released with a back-end that makes it possible to use the app throughout all of the Netherlands. Also, a fun and colorful obstacle run was added in March 2021, making it possible to to play mini-games with your avatar in between the GPS-missions.

Studio: 8D Games
Release date: Sept 2020
Platform: Android and iOS
Website: www.8d-games.nl

Entry for: Best Game, Best Innovation, Best Applied Game

Trailer & gallery

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