It's 1986 - Meredith Weiss takes a break from her career in the big city to deliver mail in her home town. How will she experience two weeks in beautiful Providence Oaks, with its iconic lake and quirky community? And what will she do next? It's up to you.

Game Description
It’s September 1, 1986. You take on the role of 40-something Meredith Weiss, who returns to her beautiful home town Providence Oaks in Oregon. She exchanges her busy career job to temporarily fill in for her dad, a mail carrier. Meredith has an eventful two weeks. She meets lots of new people, gets into romances, helps prevent the construction of apartments, gets reconnected with her BFF, rats or bails out a colleague, and gets pushed by her boss back home to recommit to her career job.

The player has lots of impact on how this personal story develops. A myriad of dialogue options and actions enables each player to experience the game in a unique way. The ending of the game will be especially dramatic.

• Lake is a unique game experience: a fusion of traditional story-driven point & click adventure, free-roaming driving sim and modern narrative adventure.
• Players can be part of an interactive story that doesn’t shy away from slice-of-life themes, and narrative options are never presented in a black-and-white way; one choice will not feel better than others.
• Players have the possibility to shape the main character’s story through refined branching narratives.
• Each player has their own unique playthrough thanks to intricately branching narratives.
• Lake features different endings based on the player’s choices.
• Lake is a game of second chances: the main intention is to provide a relaxing experience for exploring the world and its inhabitants. If a player chooses a certain dialogue option, they will always be able to correct any ‘mistakes’ they may fear they have made in their choices. Lake is not a game you need to play with a walk-through in hand.
• A beautiful environment players can drive through.
• Set in the pre-digital 1980’s, Lake offers a break from today’s ever-connected, never-alone society.

Studio: Gamious
Release date: 1 September 2021
Platform: Steam, Epic Game store, XBOX One/Series S/Series X/PC, PlayStation 4/5, Humble store

Entry for: Best Art, Best Innovation, Best Game Design

Nominated for: Best Game, Best Game Design, Best Innovation

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