Koji's Quest

Brain training made fun!

Game Description 
Koji’s Quest is designed as an applied game where you can travel through various worlds with your virtual companion, a dog named Koji. The virtual reality-based game combines insights from neuroscience, neuropsychology, traditional rehabilitation, and AI in order to screen and train valuable cognitive functions following a brain injury or for other individuals who have cognitive problems.

Since it is difficult to visualize the improvement of your brain, we have created the Tree of Life, a visual metaphor for how your brain is also changing while training your cognitive skills. Our goal is to make rehabilitation a fun and rewarding experience. When completing your quests you receive in game rewards, such as coins and tokens, that you can spend in the shop to buy items for you and Koji. This increases motivation and fun! The more tasks you complete, the more the world begins to change and rejuvenate just like your brain. The colors in the Tree of Life start to grow and light up. You begin the game in the hub and travel through a portal where you can choose from a number of worlds that train important cognitive functions including: calculation, attention, memory, visuospatial planning, decision making, reaction time and inhibition.

Evidence has shown that training cognitive functions in VR-applied games leads to overall better healthcare outcomes in the real world. Psychoeducation is included in the game to help people better understand the consequences of having brain damage or cognitive problems. We also offer mindfulness training which helps people improve levels of relaxation, thereby improving their focus and concentration while playing Koji’s Quest.

Studio: NeuroReality
Release date: Beta version january 2021
Platform: Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, Pico Neo 2
Website: www.neuro-reality.com

Entry for: Best Applied Game, Best Innovation

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