Creating Healthy Recovery

Game Description 
HoloLearn is a Mixed Reality, interactive, scenario based e-learning for health care professionals on the HoloLens 2. Players learn, by practicing with virtual patients, to apply movement centered care. This is important as physical inactivity during hospital stay increases the risk for medical complications and delayed recovery. Therefore it is important for health care professionals to help the patient were necessary, but let the patient do what he/she can do themselves.

As the player, you are challenged to accomplish all the nursing tasks that you and your college are assigned before the game session time is up while optimizing your patients’ movement and energy scores. As the player, you determine progression by a check list and a count down to the end of the game session. Using the Electronic Health Record allows the players to assess the condition of the patient which helps them in making their decisions in the game. As the player, your challenge is to manage several patients during the game session.

The game is split into hospital rooms where each room is occupied by a patient. Each patient has a unique personality and condition. A patient with a problematic character will require more convincing to do things on their own, while their condition determines how active the patient should be.

In total there a 7 scenarios within the game. The game has been developed by HoloMoves BV, together with UMC Utrecht, Bureau Nauta and Game Architect.

Studio: HoloMoves BV
Release date: 1 juni 2021
Platform: Unity, HoloLens 2
Website: www.holomoves.nl

Entry for: Best Applied Game

Trailer & gallery

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