Het Kabouterhuis

The wonderful world of the gnomes created by the well-known Dutch illustrator Rien Poortvliet comes to live during the interactive experience Het Kabouterhuis in the attic of Kasteel Groeneveld.

Game Description
In the first half of 2021, we have been busy designing, testing and realizing this special experience with a dedicated gnome team. From 7 July 2021, the family exhibition of Rien Poortvliet can be visited in Kasteel Groeneveld (Groeneveld Castle) in Baarn. The well-known Dutch nature illustrator drew books full about the life and work of the kabouter (the gnome).

Popular experiences for children have been made for years in the attic of Kasteel Groeneveld; Het Muizenhuis (the Mouse House), Fiep Fiep Hooray (about the illustrations of Fiep Westendorp) and De Fabeltjeskrant. This year the attic is the world of the gnomes.

With a special ‘shrink grower’ (a tablet) young visitors (5 – 7 years old) can become just as small as the gnomes. This allows them to visit the gnome house; the kitchen, the box bed, the music room, the sewing room, the chair, the animal hospital and the forest.

Gnomes always like it when human children come to help. And that is necessary. You help the gnomes with making soup, flushing animal poop at ‘De Stoel’ (the chair) and you make your own gnome music. In each room you will receive a unique ingredient which you will need again at the end – at the wishing well. There you can grow again.

For this project, independent studio Living Story worked together with the builders of Kasteel Groeneveld and IT specialists from BitSpecial. The result is an experience in which young visitors discover the world of the gnomes in small groups (1, 2 or 3 children together with one or two adults). Due to the covid measures, we have opted for the combination of a tablet (‘the shrinkage grower’) that shows you the way, on which you can do assignments, and with which you collect ingredients. The tablet works seamlessly with the environment that is sometimes analog (like the thread maze in the sewing room), sometimes digital (like the music collection in the music room), but usually a combination of both, like collecting ingredients ( by scanning it with your tablet) and throwing it into a pan (a screen built into the gnome kitchen).

Het Kabouterhuis has been nominated for the Museums & Heritage Awards 2022 (Rewarding the very best in museums and heritage across the globe) in the category Best use of Digital – International.

Studio: Living Story
Release date: 7th of July 2021
Platform: It’s an interactive experience with significant digital content which can currently be played live at Kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn, the Netherlands.
Website: https://www.livingstory.nl/portfolio/het-kabouterhuis/ | https://kasteelgroeneveld.nl/poortvliet-experience/

Entry for: Best Technology, Best Innovation, Best Game Design

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