Hellblusser is a hot and stylish rogue-like. Play as a young prince who is traveling to hell to extinguish it. Swing your sword, play with fire, and collect the tears of your enemies.

Game Description
Hellblusser is a hot, fast-paced first-person rogue-like. You play as a young prince who is sent by the moon to extinguish the fires of hell. On the way to hell you’ll use your sword and fire magic to beat enemies that block your path. Drop the tears of your enemies in fountains to obtain blessings that will alter the way you play, and buy magical items like bracelets and rings in shops to become even stronger.

Studio: Sokpop Collective
Release date: August 10, 2021
Platform: PC & Mac
Website: sokpop.co/

Entry for: Best Audio, Best Art, Best Game Design

Trailer & gallery

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