Guess the Drawing

Guess the Drawing: guess new drawings every day, in this unique fully voice operated game!

Game Description 
Guess the Drawing is a voice operated game uniquely designed for Smart Display devices, such as the Google Nest Hub. The game lets players guess what’s being drawn on the screen, as quickly as they can. They just need to say the correct answer or navigate through the game by giving voice commands.

Guess the Drawing features new drawings every day, in various difficulty levels. And by choosing Party mode, multiple players, for example different family members, can compete with each other simultaneously.

After release, the game quickly became the #1 game for the Google Assistant platform and has been set as an example for the entire platform by Google. While the first version of Guess the Drawing was aimed at the US market, after it’s success the game has been localized in 14 languages (with both localized Voice Control as well as localized Voice Feedback). This includes less common game languages such as Dutch, Swedish and even Japanese.

Recently, CoolGames also developed a special mobile optimized version for Google Assistant on Android phones (US-English version only).

Studio: CoolGames
Release date: July 31st, 2020
Platform: Google Assistant or “Smart Display Devices” games platform of Google.

Entry for: Best Innovation

Trailer & gallery

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