Fruit Friends

The fate of the Fruit Friends is in your hands! Learn about the risks in and around house in this dangerously fun educational mobile game!

Game Description 
Fruit Friends is the game debut for the Dutch insurance company Univé. Together with them we’ve created a fun, educational and free mobile game, in which children learn about the dangers in and around the house, in a playful manner.

In various hilarious mini-games players have to help silly fruit characters prevent themselves from getting hurt and their houses from being destroyed. It varies from not texting while cycling, to being careful on the internet and checking your smoke detector regularly.

Who can handle risk the best and has the fastest reflexes? In a national and regional leaderboard, we keep track of the best players in our country. Every month a number of winners are put in the spotlight. Can you make it to the top of your province? Together with Univé we’ll be offering Fruit Friends as an educational programme to all elementary schools in the Netherlands later this year.

With this fun and educational game, we strive to keep our kids safe and prevent them from experiencing the misfortune the fruit figures will get into.

Studio: Lion Castle
Release date: 20-04-2021
Platform: iOS, Android

Entry for: Best Debut Game, Best Game Design, Best Innovation, Best Applied Game

Trailer & gallery

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