The first interactive podcast in the Netherlands. Do you dare to trust your ears?

Game Description
Worldwide, 2.2 billion people live with a vision impairment. In the Netherlands, this number is ‘just’ 300.000. Still a large group, that is ‘overlooked’ in may ways in our society. What is it like to lose your sight? What do you come across in every-day life? What surprises you and what is really frustrating? To create awareness and support for a more inclusive society when it comes to people with an eye condition, we developed a unique experience; Eyepodcast – The Dissapearance of Iris.

Eyepodcast is an immersive interactive podcast commissioned by the Dutch Eye Association. Imagine a Netflix-series, consisting of 6 episodes of about 45 minutes, one being released every week.

It’s a thrilling Dan Brown-like adventure about the 30 year old Phil, who has to find his aunt – Iris- , who is missing. In the three days he is given to find her, he gradually loses his eyesight… Now, instead of Netflix however, you use an app; The Eyepodcast app. And instead of watching, you will be listening. And instead of being passive, you are the main character. During each episode, you actually control Phil and talk to other characters by speaking to the app. You make irreversible decisions, that take you on an unique path: the people you talk to, the items you pick up, the ways you travel…

We collaborated with more than 40 Dutch voice actors (including comedian Vincent Bijlo, writer Jan Terlouw and singer Ben Cramer), a sound designer and a wide variety of soundscapes.

Studio: Living Story
Release date: 13th of September 2021
Platform: The app can be downloaded (for free) via App Store and Google Play.
Website: https://eyepodcast.nl/ | https://www.livingstory.nl/our-game-based-learning-portfolio/

Entry for: Best Applied Game, Best Innovation, Best Audio

Trailer & gallery

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