Everybody Wham Wham

Compete to build the best snowman in a story-driven, winter adventure! Make friends at the festival, tune in to the Wham Wham Radio Station and uncover the hidden truth behind Wham Wham the Snowman-man. Can you build, decorate and sabotage your way to the festival grand prize?

Game Description 
Everybody Wham Wham is a story-driven, winter adventure where you compete to build the best snowman. Over 10 days of competition you must roll your snowballs and decorate your snowman according to the jury’s criteria in the hopes of scoring a perfect 10.

Best your competition and you’ll win the festival grand prize! When you’re not competing, you can explore the festival grounds where you can meet a cast of zany characters like Koenraad the runaway ice cream cone and Bentworth the wooden snowman. Join Piggy and Snailmn at karaoke night, drink a cup of coco with Rudy the washed up reindeer, and sit with the Pumpkin Prince for a campfire song.

While you’re there tune in to the Wham Wham Radio Station featuring over 30 minutes of radio content including the amazing acts like the Monotone-Siging Fly Man, Tuba Guy, and the Monk Who Took a Vow of Silence.

Amid this wholesome festival, Wham Wham the Snowman-man is hiding something from the contestants. Will he get away with it? Will Bling Bling the Pumpking-king find out what’s going on? Or will Wham Wham’s guilt eat him alive? Experience first hand how this mystery unfolds during the festival.

Studio: Bonte Avond
Release date: January 29th, 2021
Platform: PC, Mac
Website: https://www.bonte-avond.com/

Entry for: Best Game, Best Audio, Best Innovation , Best Debut Game

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