Epicinium is a strategy game where nature is a finite resource. Is it worth winning a war when you end up conquering nothing but dirt and ash?

Game Description 
Epicinium is a multiplayer strategy game where players plan their moves simultaneously, making unit combat unique and challenging. Your economy and troops are influenced by the environment and increasingly severe weather effects. Combat destroys grass and fells trees, and crops are trampled as tanks drive towards your opponent to level their cities. Industry accelerates global warming to ludicrous levels, causing more destruction the longer the game goes on. Players balance firepower and preservation of resources, as the victor is scored for how much nature remains when the dust settles.

Epicinium is handcrafted by A Bunch of Hacks to bring you a fresh strategic experience.

Studio: A Bunch of Hacks
Release date: October 12, 2020
Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux
Website: epicinium.nl

Entry for: Best Game, Best Debut Game, Best Technology, Best Innovation

Trailer & gallery

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