Duckside of the Moon

A third-person survival game about Doug, an accomplished duck astronaut trying to find his way home back to Earth.

Game Description
Duckside of the Moon is a survival game about Doug, a talented duck astronaut, who gets sent up into space for a research expedition. On his journey, he gets sucked into a wormhole, and he is transported to a mysterious galaxy. His ship has reset, and he’s stuck. This brave duck must find resources to improve his gear and fix his spaceship, so that he can return home to his friends and family. While doing this, he must overcome dangerous environments as he realizes that he might not be the only one up here…

Team: Duckside Studios, Dennis Butijn, Brittany van Doornik, Jip Crombag, Joost Rol, Jesse Stolk, Sem Lefering, Andrei Gheorghe, Sam Broos, Ethan Boyd, Esmée Horler, Luuk Hoffmans, Thomas Koenders, Alex Out, Stela Dobreva, Dina Grábics, Daniëlle Maat, Youri van Diesen, Fabio Aragoneses, Jan Vijfhuizen, Milo van Pelt, Jonathan van der Heide, Jessey Novani
School: Breda University of Applied Sciences
Release date: 28/06/2022
Platform: Windows & Linux

Entry for: Best Student Game

Nominated for: Best Student Game

Trailer & gallery

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