An exciting mobile game in which you'll restore the rainforest and bring back the animals. Meanwhile, the game gives back by supporting real world reforesting projects!

Game Description 
The jungle is under attack!

Replant the rainforest and bring back the animals in this fun strategy game that plants real trees! Orang and his friends need your help to replant the jungle. ​The more trees that you plant, the more animals will return. Collect them all! Discover a restaurant and a temple. Build a raft, a watchtower and a rescue center. Chase away poachers and illegal loggers. Meet Stripes the tiger, Splash the elephant and the Forest People!

The best part? Birthplace donates a part of the revenue to plant real trees! So while you’re having fun we’ll take care of the important work!

Studio: Studio Birthplace & Little Chicken Game Company
Release date: Early 2021
Platform: iOS, Android

Entry for: Best Game, Best Innovation, Best Art, Best Applied Game

Nominated for: Best Applied Game

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