Bad Optics: The Gamified Political Compass

Answer a series of political questions in a desperate attempt to please your ideologically divided populace. Have your ideology shift to match your values, to the love and horror of your citizens! Wage war! Make peace! Or do whatever

Game Description
People have different ideas about politics, and there is no one right answer. Some people think that the government should be in charge of everything, while others think that people should be free to do whatever they please. Some people think that things should always be changing and moving forward, while others think that some things should stay the same. You begin with a population of 3 random political ideologies, each with a unique set of values. It is your duty to cater to them, somehow keep them all satisfied, wage wars and make peace. Good luck pleasing all o’ them! This game features 200+ worldly political ideologies to discover and research! Which ideology fits you the most? Find out yourself, since the game calculates your average ideology as you play. As you play the game, As the ideologies accumulate within your IdeologyDex, along multiple playthroughs, your average ideology is calculated based on your gameplay data. This option can be accessed in the main menu, after having played at least one playthrough.

Team: Can “CanPixel” Ur
School: HKU
Release date: 2022 (The game’s still in launch phase, but the web platform is already up and running.)
Platform: WebGL (Desktop, Browser)

Entry for: Best Student Game

Trailer & gallery

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