Arid is a gritty, survival open world experience which will challenge the players in facing the challenges and solitude of being stranded in the desert of South America. Discover the mysteries of the Atacama, explore the abandoned mining networks, evade the scorching sun and survive the environment in one of the most arid place in the world.

Game Description
Welcome to Arid, a small and contained open world survival experience set during the 1930s in one of the driest places in the world: the Atacama.

Plane Crash
It’s the 30s. You are the pilot of a cargo flying 8000 meters over the Atacama, a mysterious failure in the engine and a miraculous landing has left you stranded in one of the largest and most arid desert in the world. Will you survive the harsh temperature and conditions of this unique setting? Is there even a way out?

Survival Open World
As a singleplayer survival open world, Arid aims at delivering a semi-hardcore experience that does not hold the hands of the players. After a guided onboarding the player will be left to explore and progress the story how they prefer. Will you find and repair all the refuges on the map? Will you explore for additional resources? How many days can you survive? Will you discover what lurks beneath the ground?

Harsh Environment
Shade in the desert is scarce, as it is water. While exploring the mountains of the Atacama, the player must survive severe dehydration, extreme temperatures, sun exposure and other kinds of natural dangers. Avoid getting sunburn and be careful to the body temperature of the character. Stock up with resources and look for a safe place!

Weather Events
Prepare yourself, extreme temperatures and sandstorm can occurr at any time. While they’re not lethal on their own, they can heavily affect a struggling survivor.

Day and Night Cycle
Survive the day to embrace the darkness of the night. Find a bed to recover energy or embrace the darkness and explore the desert at night. Vision is scarce but without dangers such as the sun exposure and high temperatures, it will be easier to find resources.

Team: Sad Viscacha Studio
School: Breda University of Applied Sciences
Release date: 29/06/2021
Platform: PC (Steam) and PS4 (Unreleased)

Entry for: Best Student Game

Nominated for: Best Student Game

Winner: Best Student Game

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