Alpha Lions

An applied game about Superheroes fighting for the challenges of the nex generation of government officials.

Game Description
Alpha Lions vol. 5 “Dark Voices behind the Red Wall” is the 48 hour endgame for Rijks I-traineeship. It’s a hybrid game (online and offline as well) about a team of 10 superheroes which are all standing for one Sustainable Development Goal. In the end the players have to defeat Dark Voices, which isn’t a typical endboss. It’s the shadowversion of every Alpha Lion, so you have to defeat (or better said; accept) the dragon in your inner self.

The game of 2022 will take place at 6 and 7th of July in Madurodam. Variants of the Alpha Lions games were played earlier in 2020 and 2021 (Link to report of the 2020 edition: Nice to mention is the fact that Maarten Schurink, the secretary general of Royal Netherlands interior and Kingdom affairs (directly resotating under pm. Mark Rutte) is not only a proud sponsor of the game, he’s also a NPC, namely master hacker @tower1814NL

Studio: Studio MX Marthijn de Blaeij
Release date: 6th July 2022
Platform: HTML-5, and as a boardgame

Entry for: Best Applied Game, Best Art, Best Audio

Trailer & gallery

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