After the Fall

With intense 4-player co-op at its core, After the Fall offers action-packed co-op gameplay in a constantly evolving world, built from the ground up for VR.

Game Description
‘A fantastic Multiplayer Zombie Experience’ may be the headline of the review by Screenrant, it’s also exactly what the goal from the Vertigo Games team was right from the start. Uniting the VR audience, no matter what platform they play on (by seamless crossplay between PS VR, Quest 2 and Steam) to go head to head in a world where the ferocious Snowbreed should be more afraid of you than the other way around.

By pushing 4 player co-op as the highlight feature of the game, players experience memorable missions with other VR players. When entering the game, up to 32 players will meet up in the Hub, where they can socialize with each other and can form groups of four to head out in the Post Apocalyptic Los Angeles.

After launching the game on December 9th, the After the Fall Frontrunner Season kicked into gear, providing all players with free content in the months after launch. With a clear roadmap, players knew to expect more types of enemies, weapons to craft with, Harvest runs, Horde mode maps and much more.


Studio: Vertigo Games
Release date: December 9, 2021
Platform: PlayStation VR, PCVR, Meta Quest 2 standalone VR, various other standalone VR headsets

Entry for: Best Innovation, Best Technology, Best Game Design

Nominated for: Best Innovation, Best Technology

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