Meet our Award categories

Are you curious which award categories we have this year for the new Dutch Game Awards? Here’s the list! Which categories suit your game best? Each game can be submitted for a maximum of 4 awards.

Do you have a game you would like to submit? Great! You can submit your game here on our Eventbrite page where you can buy the ‘Game Submission’ ticket and enter all the required details that are needed to submit your game.

Don’t forget to read our Rules & Criteria before applying!

Award Categories Dutch Game Awards 2021

Best Game
First release between January 1st 2020 and July 1st 2021. Open Beta releases are also allowed.

Best Innovation
Innovative use of hardware and/or software technology. Innovative use of other media or game design.

Best Student Game
Game needs to be developed by a student or group of students at a Dutch university, as part of the study curriculum. Game needs to be finished and (beta) published.

Best Debut Game
First game/project of a Dutch studio.

Best Audio
From beautiful game soundtrack or great quality in voice acting to game-enhancing audio effects.

Best Art
Either gameplay art, animation, cutscenes or any other form of visual art used within the game.

Best Technology
Best use of hardware/software technology. Pushing the boundaries of tech.

Best Game Design
From innovative game design, groundbreaking controls and user onboarding, unique gameplay and puzzles to a compelling story or narrative.

Best Commercial Achievement
Worldwide the best commercial success of a Dutch game or company. This could include game revenues, business revenues, acquisitions, IPOs, etc.

Best Applied game
Best game developed not for the purpose of entertainment, but edutainment, training, medical appliance, therapy.

Special Awards (by nomination only)

NB. The following awards are by nomination only. We will soon invite you to submit your nominees.

Best Studio
The studio does not need to have a physical location. Definitions could be; employee health/benefits, creative environment, good leadership, teamwork, etc. Applicant does not need to own (part of) the studio, but does need to have a clear link with the studio. For example be an employee or client.

Inclusion Award
Given to an initiative, person or company that has significant impact in improving inclusivity for the game industry.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Given to a person who has made a significant contribution to the Dutch game industry.

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