October 4, 2023
Beeld & Geluid, Hilversum

Dutch Game Awards


Dutch Game Awards 2023 is a wrap! See you next year!

The Dutch Game Awards

The Dutch Game Awards 2023 will take place on October 4th at Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid in Hilversum, and will feature an evening filled with networking opportunities. This 2023 edition has a total of 9 regular awards + 4 special awards (by nomination only). Nominees and winners will be chosen by a dedicated jury of experts from the game industry. The entry period ends on July 1, 2023! Find all the rules and criteria here.

All the game nominations have been announced. Please find all the winners here!

Categories 2023

Best Game (sponsored by TransPerfect Gaming Solutions)
First release between July 1st 2022 and June 30th 2023. Open Beta releases are also allowed. (a more specific description can be found in the Rules of Entry)

Best Innovation
For this award, we use the word innovation in a broad sense. It can be an innovative use of hardware and/or software technology, but it can also be game design that has never been seen before, significant improvements in accessibility or usability.

Best Student Game (sponsored by GameForce)
Submitted game needs to be developed by a student or group of students at a Dutch university, as part of the study curriculum. The game needs to be finished and (beta) published.

Best Debut Game
First game/project of a game studio located in the Netherlands.

Best Audio
From beautiful game soundtrack or great quality in voice acting to game-enhancing audio effects. The Best in Audio has the power to enhance a game experience and truly move people.

Best Art
A game that shows excellence in gameplay art, animation, cutscenes or any other form of visual art and the way it enhances the gameplay experience.

Best Technology (sponsored by i3D.net)
Best use of hardware/software technology in game development. Pushing the boundaries and showing the path forward in optimal use of game tech.

Best Game Design (sponsored by Total Mayhem Games)
Game Design that takes the user to the edge of their seat, shows groundbreaking controls and user onboarding, unique gameplay and puzzles, novel design implementation or a compelling story or narrative.

Best Applied Game (sponsored by City of Rotterdam)
Best game developed not for the primary purpose of entertainment, but for education, training, medical appliance, therapy. Criteria include the achieved impact and general excellence in concept and execution.

Special Awards (by nomination only)

Best Studio
This award is not about making the best games, but more about being the best place to make games. Criteria include (but are not limited to) employee health/benefits, creative environment, good leadership, teamwork. The studio doesn’t need to have a physical location, a remote studio is also eligible for this award
Applicant does not need to own (part of) the studio, but they do need to have a clear link with the studio. For example, being an employee or client.

Awesome Achievement
An achievement in cultural or economic growth, marketing or business excellence or another form of measurable success within the game industry (for example an exceptional ROI, high ARPDAU/retention, explosive active player base growth, crazy viral campaigns, etc). This award is to celebrate games, projects, people or companies who do awesome things, but generally speaking fly under the radar. Games can be submitted for this category, but it is also possible to nominate projects, people or companies through the Nomination form.

Inclusion (sponsored by Unity)
Given to an initiative, person, organization or company that has significant impact in improving inclusivity for the game industry. We accept nominations for this award, and we will also be on the lookout for nominees ourselves.

Lifetime/Career Achievement
Given to a person who has made a significant contribution to the Dutch game industry, either through their leadership, guidance, or their projects. This award is meant to celebrate their lifetime’s work, but does not necessarily have to be given at the end of their career.

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