game in the city /2012

Glide Wars

Created by: Chema Valle

Nominatie: Best Student

This is a personal game project currently under development. The project started as a deliverable for the gameplay course @ HvA game design minor but I would like to take it way further.

This game revolves around the idea of a competitive, fun and quick paced game for 2 players on the same screen. It uses the multi touch capabilities and increased screen size of the latest smartphones and pads to recreate a virtual battlefield where 2 players are pitted against each other.

Each player has 2 main interactive zones, the attack zone is used to slide over it to throw a disc to the enemy field, besides that it also holds the main part of the GUI, the power up interface and relevant player data. The defence zone is used to draw lines to block the enemy discs, this area also holds the resource spawn which has to be collected on touch with the disc. That resource can be spent on valuable power ups.

The goal of the game is to score more points than your rival in a set time to win. To do so the player has to push the discs beyond the enemy’s attack zone to score points. In addition to that the player can break the enemy’s barriers and use mines on his field to make him lose points.

Motivatie: We are in the era of oversized smartphones and tablets but not so many games have tackled the market for same screen multiplayer games. This game aims to gather the essence of popular multiplayer games such as pong and air hockey and twist it into an updated gameplay fitting nowadays players and devices. This project has been developed in a few weeks and is far from finished so it should be considered as a student project. Why does it deserve an award? Well. In my opinion the game as a completed product is lacking in many areas but it has a lot of fun potential to become an addictive game in the current mobile scene.

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