game in the city /2012


Created by: Game Oven

Winnaar: Best Casual Game | Best Mobile/Handheld

Nominatie: Best Mobile / Handheld | Best Original Game Design | Best Casual | Control Industry Award

Fingle is a cooperative two-player iPad® game about the thrills of touching each other on a multi-touch device. Two players drag up to five buttons of one color onto their matching targets; their movement makes it impossible to avoid contact, creating intimate moments with intertwined hands.

Motivatie: “Big-budget console games like Fable III and Ico demonstrated that even on-screen hand-holding can be remarkably affecting. Ubisoft's hilariously dumb We Dare also tried to be a romantic ice-breaker, but it lacked Fingle's playful subtlety.” - Kirk Hamilton, “Fingle, the iPad’s most intimate and awkward game.” - Carter Dotson, “It can be tense, unnerving, joyous, flirty, exciting, absorbing or infuriating, depending on who you play with and your relationship to them.” - Tom, “If Fingle also could dim the lights and pour two glasses of wine, it’d be the perfect way to seduce someone.” - Martin Watts,