game in the city /2012

Back to Bed

Created by: Team 1 UP

Winnaar: Guts & Glory Award

Nominatie: Guts & Glory Award

Bob suffers from narcolepsia. He keeps
falling asleep in inconvenient places.
As Bob falls asleep, the player finds
himself on a rooftop. But everything is
like a dream – Bob’s dream. You control
his subconscious, and you have to
guide Bob safely to bed by placing
objects and items in front of him. The
bed is clearly visible inside the level
and you’ll want to get Bob there. If the
player fails to save Bob, he might fall
down from the roof of be eaten by a man-hole

Motivatie: First, to create a unique experience of being woven into a dream; second, to get the feeling of saving someone other than yourself and third, to make a fun game that can be played by non-hardcore gamers. Games are experiences that should be playable for everyone, with or without prior hardcore game experience.

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