Verkeerstalent Online

Created by: Sticky Studios

How ’s your knowledge of traffic rules and regulations? Are you a responsible driver? You might think so, but is it really true? Now you can put it to the test!
Sticky Studios developed a serious game for the Dutch Ministry of Traffic that provides a 3D simulation of the Dutch traffic system. The player is asked to drive several VIP’s to their destination. They need to be there right away, so don’t waste any time!… But, obey traffic regulations at the same time. These conflicting powers provide a dynamic game play. After finishing a mission, the player is presented with statistics. These contain all traffic fines, completion time and more.
Average game-play time: 30 minutes, some even played the game over an hour!

Motivatie: “Verkeerstalent Online” is an unique serious game in which the player learns the basics of driving a car safely online. After being featured on Dutch national television and popular blog “geenstijl” the game gained viral traction and attracted a serious following dedicated to push the boundaries of the game. After the ‘safe-driving’ campaign of the ministry, the game remained online which is still heavily played at

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