Time Out is a serious game for therapeutical education of diabetic patients and especially dedicated to young adults. This game suggests living an amazing adventure while discovering the daily life of a diabetic patient. Our hero is a type 1 diabetic, carrier of an Insulin pump combined with continuous glucose monitoring. Augustin is a self-taught renown watchmaker but also an inveterate player, heading for his financial ruin. The intrigue begins while Augustin played the lease of his shop and is about to lose everything. Begin then a double quest for Augustin, one intimate (about his future and his gambling addiction) and another one, material (to piece a valuable clock together again to pay off his debts) which maintain the suspense up to the final scene, also full of surprises!!

Motivatie: Diabetes is a lifelong disease occuring frequently. The prognosis of this disease is related to the observance and the understanding the patients have of their disease. That's why the development of this kind of playful and interactive supports can be a strong asset in the approach of teenagers or young adults and global care in diabetes. Wining an award would be for us a sign of recognition of our commitment and know-how in educational games. Time Out is our second serious game. We already conceived and produced a previous one in 2009, "L'affaire Birman" dedicated to young chilren. We want now to share our experience and our games with professionnels and public, wiming an award would be a great opportunity for us to do so.

Online spelen: http://www.gluciweb.com