The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic

Created by: kunst-stoff

Nominatie: Best Euro Indie Award

THE GREAT JITTERS: PUDDING PANIC is a real-time 3D action puzzle game for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac/PC. Scare or be scared! Lead a fearful blob of pudding through a spooky haunted house, scare monsters with freakish weapons and get to the exit as fast as you can! Puzzle the pudding’s way to the exit and unravel tricky labyrinths. But beware! Scary monsters are waiting in the dark! Your only chance of survival is to scare the monsters back before the pudding quivers, shivers and faints from fear. Fight evil witches, rattling skeletons and rusty knights with an arsenal of crazy weapons! Collect coins to reload your weapons and valerian for your nerves! Are you clever and skilled enough to escape the labyrinth and to defeat the final enemies?

Test your courage in 48 suspenseful levels and dive into four beautiful 3D worlds: the Black Forest, the Purple Mines, the Sleepy Graves and the Dark Castle! Variations in gameplay and lots of creepy challenges will make your pulse rise and your adrenalin flow: Solve puzzles, play against the clock, escape the monsters and win treacherous races! A crazy game for players of any level, but only those with strong nerves!

Many variations in gameplay were designed in order to keep the game inspiring for several hours (4-5). The smooth learning curve offers easy access into the game. However, the game’s difficulty increases in the second world, and even more in the third and fourth: hardcore puzzle gamers will find enough tricky levels to solve!

The game was released on the AppStore for iOS (HD for iPad) in June 2011, for PC on the indie game platform “Little Indie” in August 2011 and for Mac on the Mac App Store in September 2011. We are currently working on the next games of the “The Great Jitters” series: a racing edition for iPhone/iPad and a Browser version, both with a different gameplay than the original game.

Press quotes and awards (find more online)

★ Winner of the red dot design award 2011 ★

★ Pocket Gamer Gold Award ★
“A puzzler without comparison on iPhone… sweet like shock-o-late!”

“One of the best iOS games of its genre!”

“A stunning piece of art… a spectacular look and feel …The gameplay is unique and for this low price Pudding Panic is a great buy!”

“Super fun to play! … this game is sure to have something to make you smile!”

“Pudding Panic is by far the best.”

“A very original game with fantastic graphics and an adorable main character… wonderfully spooky and amusing music and sound effects!”

“A puzzle platformer with a very unique twist! … This campy horror spoof for strategy puzzle lovers will have you screaming in glee as you test your mind mettle against the speed of the game and the horrors within!”


Motivatie: Why does this game deserve an award? Our game was made with a lot of love and passion. Our intention was to create something truly original, and we believe that we succeeded: the gameplay is unique, the game is very immersive and offers hours of very varied gameply, and the look and feel of the game has been called “a stunning piece of art” by the critics. The game gets outstanding reviews: with a metascore of 91/100 it is ranked position 9 in iOS Games and Position 15 in All Releases 2011 on! And we receive fantastic feedback from the players, be it in the user comments on the App Store or on our Facebook page, or by e-mail. We are very proud that our audience and the critics both love the game. We developed “The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic” using our own multiplatform game engine Orkige, developed by our development director Steffen Roemer. However, we feel that much more players could and would enjoy playing the game. We would like to increase the awareness, but being an Indie developer, we don’t have an advertising budget. Participating in awards and festivals is our only chance to make the game more well-known. Also, Mr. J. Jitters, the hero of this game, did a wonderful job. He is loved by the players and even got a marriage proposal by a young lady from Mexico. Just his courageous acting deserves an Oscar! J

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