Sucker Punch Annihilation

Created by: Sticky Studios

Winnaar: Best Advergame

Nominatie: Best Advergame

With Sucker Punch Annihilation, Sticky Studios has taken 3D web-gaming to the next level and integrated social features so people can challenge friends to beat their score.
Choose Baby Doll, Sweet Pea, Rocket, Blondie or Amber and fight orcs, samurai and robots. Three unique levels with console quality graphics; Feudal Japan, Distant Planet and Medieval Castle.

Motivatie: Highly acclaimed for the state-of-the-art graphics on a web platform, “Sucker Punch Annihilation” was turning heads among consumers and game executives alike. At the GDC San Francisco, Sucker Punch Annihilation doubled as the Unity 3D showcase of state-of-the art graphics, surprising even the Unity Management team with the achieved production value.

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