Created by: DADIU

RaaSool is a point and click, puzzle adventure. You play the sun (RaaSool) of a different universe. He has fallen down and you need to help him back up and shine. On your way you will meet strange creatures and unusual sights!

How to play:
Walk around by clicking (Point and click adventure).
Click Raasool to change time-zone (Past and present).
Some objects can be clicked and carried.
When objects are carried they can be brought through time.
Think rationally about how objects change through time to solve the puzzles.

Motivatie: "We wanted the visuals in a game to be just as important as the gameplay. We were aiming for a beautiful, poetic experience for the player to enjoy and explore. We were trying to tweak the puzzles so they’ll had just the right amount of mind-boggling-ness, so the player would want to solve it in order to see more of the world. Also we were not explaining too much, so the ending would be a nice surprise - we wanted the player to be intrigued by the mysterious universe, and story." "The game was created in a month by a team of DADIU students in March 2011. The production goal for the game was to produce 5 minutes of polished gameplay"

Online spelen: http://raasool.dadiugames.dk/