Project Nova

Created by: Java Rhino

[JAVA RHINO a division of AES Incorporated]

– A Spaceship Cockpit Simulation Installation.

On a distant planet 4 first-year students at the HKU have created an elaborate simulation of the Java Rhino powered Grave Digger 2000. Used to allow test-rides to those who are otherwise incapable of entering a Grave Digger themselves for any number of reasons. [Nauesea, flat-feet, vertigo, under-developed societies, inter-galactic embargos etc.]

The team has put together a custom personalised version of the Grave Digger, with all the tell-tale signs of wear and tear that would occur through long-period usage, as well as the various knickknacks that could have been collected along the way. [Liberties taken.]

We believe the simulation will convince anyone who tries it of the potential and durability our ships encompass. And cause them to work a little harder at the potential problems between them and our prime product.

– The Grave Digger 2000 is now available in all sectors of the Archibald Galaxy, and will be coming soon to galaxies near you! Act soon and get yours for the reduced price of Cgk 4,500,000. –

Motivatie: We believe to have created a unique experience, that combines the spectacle of an attraction, with the logical interactivity that allows you to manage your own trip. From preference in play-style, to individual original radiostations and all the little details that tease the mind. We see grown men and women become giddy; coming out of the installation with smiles plastered to their faces. Dozens of stories get told between our members: people bouncing in the ship, 3 guys working together crammed into the cockpit, an elderly couple that decide to find a calmer area of space, and those who decide to just sit back and read through the manual while the radio is blasting. This other world we have created seems to bring people out of their shell a little bit, and it's wonderful to see their excitement, and we just hope to be able to share it with more people, see more smiles and have more stories about it.

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