Galaxy on Fire 2 – Valkyrie

Created by: Fishlabs Entertainment GmbH

Valkyrie is the first add-on for Fishlabs’ successful sci-fi saga Galaxy on Fire 2™. In the game you play the role of Keith T. Maxwell, a daredevil space adventurer and mercenary, who is catapulted through space and time by a malfunction of his ship’s hyperdrive and awakens 35 years later at the far end of the known galaxy. After he has fought back an unknown and extremely dangerous alien armada known as Voids in the original instalment of the game, the add-on sends Keith on another risky and action-packed adventure. 

In order to discover the motives behind the hijacking of a high-profile Deep Science official, the war-proven fighter pilot must now infiltrate the remote Valkyrie station and task himself on perilous missions to gain the trust of Cornelius Tenner and his mysterious employer, Alice. In this new story, Keith gets to steal the prototype of a brand-new Vossk spaceship, test a variety of advanced weapons systems, aid a brilliant scientist in the production of a truly revolutionary gadget and team up with the alluring Dr. Carla Paolini in order to get things at the secretive Deep Science research station back to normal.

Special features of the Valkyrie add-on:

  • · New storyline complete with English voiceover
  • · New Vossk and Deep Science spaceships
  • · New weapons and equipment, including guided missiles, mines, auto-turrets, repair robots and shields
  • · Black market trading system
  • · Nine new planets in four new star systems


Motivatie: Since its initial release on iPhone and iPad in October 2009, Galaxy on Fire 2™ has set alight the passion of millions of space combat fans worldwide. Due to the game’s huge success, fans kept asking for more content and constantly suggested improvements for future instalments of the Galaxy on Fire 2™ series. In April 2011, Fishlabs finally gave a thunderous answer to the calls of the community with the release of Valkyrie, the first add-on for Galaxy on Fire 2™. This spectacular outer-space adventure does not only introduce a number of new features, ships and weapons to the game – many of which have originally been suggested by the community – but also add more depth to the title’s immersive sci-fi gaming experience. Ultimately, the fantastic reception of Valkyrie by critics and gamers alike marks a sound example of how important it is for a games developer to listen to the community and have an open ear for the suggestions of the fans.

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