Dr. Bonneys Zappelix

Created by: MMM MultiMediaManufaktur GmbH

Nominatie: Games for Health Europe Award

Interactive Therapygame for children with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Especially developed and perfect as module for any kind of ADHD-therapy. It can be used for kids with any kind of awareness problem or lack of attention. The hero of the game is Zappelix, a young boy who is bothered by 5 goblins. These goblins are symbolizíng different symptoms of ADHD (unawareness, untidiness etc). Thoughout his day Zappelix must help the goblins back in their own world–and finanlly get rid o fhis symptoms.
With increasing difficultiy the players train awarness, impulse control and planning.
Dr. Bonneys Zappelix is the perfect addition for ADHD training at home and medical practice.
How Zappelix works:
awarness, impulse control and planning can be playfully trained.
This is excatly how Zappelix helps: the player can complete his tasks by observing the situation and reacting in the appropriate way and time.
Automatcily the kids adepts this learning progress in its everyday life.
•Trains awarness, impulse control and planning
•perfect as addition for therapy and training at home
•easy to use
•for up to 5 players
•Incl. manual and further ADHD information by Dr. med Bonney
•incl. game timer
•detailed figures for progress control
•for PC and MAC
•no highend PC needed
in the 2009 dr.med Bonney proofed the positive effects of ADHD therapy with the Prototype of Zappelix. After three months of daily sessions of 10-15min. 70% of all participating ADHD-kids showed significant improvements in school and at home. Zappelix is available as Pro and Home version

Zappelix was awared with the Serious Games Award 2011 and nominated for “best kids game 2010” and “Best German serious games 2011”.

Motivatie: With its lovely drawn graphics the game masters the gap between the action-based world of gaming and the usefulness within an ADHD-Therapy. The game itself stands in contrast to "normal" games - less loud, less unagitated without losing its faszination. Studies proof: Zappelix IS an alternative to Ritalin and other drugs