Scream 4 Mobile Game

Created by: Codeglue B.V.

The official game of the Scream 4 movie is now available for your iOS or Android phone or tablet! For the first time ever, play as the killer in a game and slash your way to victory. Just like the movie, killing by the Rules of Horror is the way to succeed. The game was developed by Codeglue for … [Lees meer...]

Joe Cable

Created by: GD8 Games

Joe Cable; A dangling cool adventure! Meet “Joe Cable”; a clumsy power line technician... Not only is Joe afraid of heights, he also finds himself dangling on a power line every now and then when his ladder slips away on a average day of work! Quickly being able to grab and wrap his belt around … [Lees meer...]

Big Apes Love Blondes

Created by: Novocortex

Big Apes Love Blondes for iPhone is your chance to become a really great ape. Catch runaway blondes and protect them from your enemies. If you lose 3 blondes, your mission is failed. Use both your brain and testosterone to keep as many blondes in your nest as possible. Everyone knows the legend … [Lees meer...]


Created by: Gamistry

Sticky is een casual physics-based action game ontwikkeld voor iOS. 's Werelds energiebronnen worden steeds kleiner, in een poging om de planeet te redden doen twee "Mad Scientists" een poging om de ultieme energiebron te creëren. Echter creëren ze per ongeluk Sticky, een kleine schattige … [Lees meer...]

The Jelly Reef

Created by: Pigeonhead Studios (HKU/UU)

The jellyfish, pink and green, need your help. Sit down around the Microsoft Surface and swipe the water with your fingers to guide the jellyfish away from harm. Save as many as you can to discover more dangerous locations, strong currents and more captured jellyfish. The Jelly Reef was designed … [Lees meer...]