Broken Dimensions

Created by: DADIU

When young Theodor stumbles into a brooding black pyramid on Halloween, he finds himself trapped in twisted passages where up is down and left is right, but the only way out is through.

How to play:
Use mouse to look around
Use W,A,S,D for moving the character
Use mouse wheel to zoom in/out
Press space to jump
Press left CTRL or right mouse button to enter the rotation mode
Use W,A,S,D for rotating the world while in rotation mode
Press left CTRL or right mouse button to exit the rotation mode
Press left mouse button to freeze objects (when you get the ability)

Motivatie: "What we were after in terms of experience is a claustrophobic, scary, closed-in feeling. You will want to escape from the tombs, back to sunlight. The rotation element creates a twirly, almost dizzy feeling, not knowing what is up or down, and the small chambers motivate exploration – you’ll want to see what’s around the corner or in the next room." "The game was created in a month by a team of DADIU students in March 2011. The production goal for the game was to produce 5 minutes of polished gameplay"

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