Created by: DADIU

You play the defender of the cosmic nebula tree, a source of energy so powerful, that an army of robots are bent on harnessing this power. You must use the power of the tree to fend off the invaders and restore the balance of the universe!

How to play:
Play the game using the left mouse button to drag the columns up and down.
Rotate the camera by pressing right mouse button and moving the mouse or using Q and E.
Move the camera by pressing the middle mouse button and moving the mouse.
Unleash a tornado on your enemies by clicking on them!
You control the flow of your plants by controlling the elevation of your columns. Your flow is always moving down; make sure it reaches your frontlines to strengthen your attacks and defenses. Power up your tornado by directing your flow away from your frontline.

Motivatie: "We wanted to create a game where you could 'save the universe in your lunch break'. We wanted to create a strategy game with a unique flow dynamic and simple controls." "The game was created in a month by a team of DADIU students in March 2011. The production goal for the game was to produce 5 minutes of polished gameplay"

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