Created by: DADIU

Make your very own bunny-rhino-mole – and set it loose in a dangerous world of spikes and pitfalls. In this
casual and cartoony 3D puzzle platformer you have to use animals’ innate abilities to get safely through
obstacle filled levels.
Blend animals to get a blendimal – but you have to choose your animals carefully and plan your strategy of
getting through the course. Sometimes you even have to sacrifice some blendimals to get there.

How to play:
Push play.
Choose level.
The game begins and a help screen pops up – read it.
Analyze the games challenges and push the blinking blender button down at the right corner.
A blender menu appears – choose the animals you want to blend by clicking on each.
Push the big, red blender button to blend the animals.
Use the action buttons representing each animal skill to complete the level.
Choose next level and go on with the game.

Motivatie: "Inspired by classic puzzle games like Lost Vikings and Lemmings, we wanted Blendimals to take you back to the roots of puzzle action while adding a new twist to the genre." "The game was created in a month by a team of DADIU students in March 2011. The production goal for the game was to produce 5 minutes of polished gameplay" Since the production, the team behind it, Exploding Cow, has continued to work on the game. The game is being recreated for iPad/iPhone and is set to launch some time this winter.

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