Created by: Bit Barons GmbH

Astroslugs is a colorful and soothing puzzle board game for your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch. The game is set in a long forgotten age “when the universe still looked like an old parchment”. It features the highly intelligent Astroslugs who travel through space and visit far-away planets to gather the prized Slug Energy.

To support the Astroslugs you solve mind-boggling puzzles by drawing different shaped pieces onto an always varying board. We have focused on simplifying the role of placing pieces – you just use your fingers to draw them where you want ‘em.

Motivatie: Astroslugs is the first release of our small three-man-studio. We've spent two years ploishing up a game concept that originated in a university side-project. We wanted to come up with a game that is unlike other contemporary puzzle games and that doesn't for the player to go for highscpres and against time limites. We strived to create a soothing puzzle experience where players can be as creative as they want - and where they're not only forced to repeat the puzzle solutions that we came up wth.

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